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Ocean of Minds Media House Ltd.


Ocean of Minds Media House Ltd. was founded in 2017. We are based on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. We publish classic world literature as well as contemporary literature.

In our fiction area we publish especially Romance & Historical Fiction, Action & Adventure, Crime & Thriller, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Horror. We also publish poetry of Nova Scotian authors.

If you are an author and want to join our universe, then our first contact should be an eMail from you. Please be so kind and send a few words about yourself, a synopsis, and the first 30 pages of your manuscript. If you are a beginner and unpublished yet, then the first draft of your manuscript should be already completed. Please use the following eMail address: oceanofmindsmedia (at) gmail.com. Good luck for you and many great ideas for your writing!





Uta Mueller studied at the Universities Heidelberg and Göttingen. She has a Bacherlor’s and Master’s Degree in German literature, linguistics and history as well as a Scientific Examination to qualify as a highschool teacher. For more than 20 years Uta was a project manager and editor in the largest german publishing house for christian literature. Uta landed at the East Coast of Canada in 2018.


Michael Lutz was born 1964 in southern Germany and landed at the East Coast of Canada in 2018.

After a variety of internships as photo-journalist at Mercedes Benz AG, Press- and Information Office of the Government of Germany and Los Angeles Times, Michael Lutz studied photo-journalism in Darmstadt and journalism in Stuttgart. He finished with a Bachelor´s degree and a Master´s degree. Michael Lutz is also an author. Se more here amazon.com and there amazon.de.


Special projects


„Look around!“ said Robert Frank when we visited him on August 4th, 2019 in Mabou, on the east coast of Canada. Only a few weeks before the 94-year-old’s going home. With his illustrated book The Americans the photographer has written photography history. His motto: pure and simple.